Home Automation: Integrationg in RGV Custom Homes

Currently, more than half of homes in the United States use some form of smart home technology such as smart thermostats, smart door locks and smart security systems. These Internet-connected devices are controlled from a single control point and allow homeowners to gain remote control and convenient access to critical aspects of their homes.

In the Rio Grande Valley, smart technology is an exciting addition possible in your custom-built home, allowing you to achieve new levels of comfort and efficiency. Unfamiliar with smart technology in RGV custom homes? Looking for tips on how to create a smarter custom home? This comprehensive guide has the information you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Why Integrate Smart Technology Into Your RGV Custom Home?

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As a new and exciting field in technology and home construction, smart devices are not always well understood. Why take the time to create an RGV custom home that uses smart technology when you could just use more traditional approaches to features such as security, climate control, and locks? Here are some of the many benefits a smart approach can offer custom homes:


When you use smart home technology, you do not even need to be at home to accomplish home tasks or even chores. By integrating with your smartphone, you can do everything from set the home temperature to starting the dishwasher even when you are miles away at work or on a trip. No more wondering if you locked the door. Do it from your smartphone. No more waiting for your home to cool down after work. Set your home automation to cool the house down at whatever time you desire. That makes life far more easy to manage in the midst of your busy schedule.


Keeping your home and belongings safe is of paramount importance. You can turn your RGV custom home into a safe space with automated security features. Integrate everything from motion sensors to cameras, locks to alarm systems to work together even when you are not at home. You can even receive alerts if anything happens so you can respond promptly to any potential problems.


Smart homes are also cost-effective and eco-friendly homes. Why keep your HVAC low when you are working? Why leave a light on all day if you can set it to turn off automatically after a few minutes? Home automation allows you to more precisely manage your energy consumption, reducing both energy usage and costs without sacrificing your comfort.


You deserve to feel comfortable in your custom home. Smart devices can enhance your comfort by allowing you to personalize settings of everything from lights to air conditioning. Create the home environment you desire, and change it at any time, just by using your smartphone, or even your voice, if you integrate your smart technology with your virtual assistant (e.g. Siri).

Smart Security Systems

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One of the major systems that can be automated for your custom Valley home is security. Here are some of the devices you can add to your home as it is built to make automation an integrated part of your dream space.

Smart Locks

Smart locks allow you to access your home without a key – Which could mean no more calling a blacksmith to let you into your own home because you left your keys inside! These locks often use biometrics (e.g. Face or fingerprints) or personalized codes to allow you to enter your home easily. You can even provide customized access to other family members, guests and others.

Security Cameras

Keep an eye on your home even when you are miles away with smart security cameras. Position them around your home and access the video feed from your smartphone. You can even set up alerts if the cameras catch anything noteworthy while you are away from home.

Alarm Systems

Smart alarm systems offer you the ability to precisely customize and manage your home’s protection. Automate everything from mobile alerts to to remote arming and disarming.

Energy-Efficient Solutions

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Upgrading your custom home with automation can deliver some major energy-saving benefits. Here are some of the eco-friendly smart additions to consider for your dream home.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats save energy by automatically adjusting your energy usage to optimal levels. You can also adjust them to set your heating and cooling to personalized and situation-specific levels. For example, these thermostats can set the temperature to a certain level when you are at work and adjust it to another level when you come home. Remote control also gives you convenient and immediate access to your home environment. Brands to consider are Nest and Ecobee.

Smart Lighting

Save energy on heating and cooling and save energy by never leaving lights on again. Smart lighting options upgrade your custom RGV home by allowing you to control your lights remotely. You can also set lighting schedules, adjust brightness or color, and even install sensors to turn lights on and off based on movement in each room.

Energy Monitoring

Want even more control over your energy usage? Integrate smart energy monitors to track your home’s energy consumption. This tool can help you identify high-usage appliances and target habits that can help you cut down on energy usage without cutting down on your comfort.

Home Automation Systems

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Home automation systems provide a way to integrate your home’s smart devices in a central location. As a result, you can access your home’s controls from your smartphone. Here are some of the home automation systems you can integrate into your customized dream home in the RGV.

Centralized Control Hubs

A centralized control hub acts as the brain of your home. These hubs allow you to control all of your smart devices through a single interface. Often, you can use voice commands to control your smart home conveniently.

Smart Appliances

Add comfort and convenience to your new home with smart appliances. For example your refrigerator can create grocery lists. Dishwashers and washing machines can start remotely or at certain times. They make it simple to complete chores, even when you are away from home. From refrigerators that can create grocery lists to washing machines you can start remotely, smart appliances add convenience and efficiency to your daily routines. Integrating these appliances into your home automation system ensures a seamless, connected experience.

Smart Shades and Blinds

Modern window dressings are often also automated, designed to open and close based on time of day, temperature, or your schedule. Beautiful windows are also convenient, and easy to use, while contributing to greater energy efficiency by controlling your indoor temperatures.

Enhanced Comfort

One of the great advantages of home automation is its ability to create a truly comfortable and enjoyable environment in your home. Whether you want to create an entertainment space or come home to a quiet and welcoming space, home automation gives you the tools to achieve your vision.

Smart Climate Control

Do you love a cool bedroom, while your child likes to sleep hot? Do you want to keep your upstairs warmer while you spend most of your day in the cool downstairs? Smart climate controls systems have the ability to control zones within the home, keeping each one the right temperature. You can even have the system set the temperature automatically based on weather forecasts.

Smart Speakers and Entertainment

Turn your home entertainment system into an immersive experience. Smart speakers allow you to control access to your music and news simply by using your voice. And, you can often integrate these speakers with the rest of your home entertainment system to create a surround-sound experience that is engaging and personalized.

Personalized Settings

Create a custom home in the RGV that is perfectly suited to your needs. Most home automation systems allow you to create personalized settings that use multiple systems to create the home environment you desire.

Planning Your Smart Home

Building a custom home in the RGV? Ready to integrate some smart home features to create a more convenient and comfortable space? Here are some steps to take to ensure a home that meets your needs for years to come.

Assess your needs

Most people do not have every available smart home feature in their homes. Instead, decide which technologies best fit your lifestyle and preferences. Then pursue smart home integrations that meet these needs.

Plan for the future

Do not settle for smart technology that becomes outdated in just a couple of years. Use systems and devices that can receive ongoing support as technology adapts and evolves. Choose platforms that receive wide support. Those from Amazon, Alexa, Google Assistant or HomeKit are often good choices.

Choose professional installation

Many homeowners choose DIY set up for their home automation. However, some systems may require professional installation. Make sure you have the expertise you need to get your custom home set up the right way, the first time.

Are you ready to integrate smart home technology into your new space? At Villa Homes, we make the home you desire a reality. We walk you through every step of the construction process, from getting pre-approval to creating designs that you love. We can eve help you integrate smart home features to create a space that is convenient, comfortable, cost-effective, and energy efficient. Contact us today to get started!

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