What To Look For When Buying A New Construction Home In The Rio Grande Valley

Buying a new home calls for a combination of patience, luck and finding the right builder. Before you sign the dotted line, there are a few things you must look for.

Do you have enough room to personalize the plan?

Before construction can begin buyers usually ask for certain features and fixtures to be included in the home design like the choice of kitchen sinks, marbled floor, exposed brick walls and so on.

The best builders will pay attention to the details you ask for, for example, colour schemes or conversion of a spare room into a home-office. Interior designers on their team work with clients to come up with design options that reflect the family’s personality besides fulfilling the practical needs. Ask for different looks and combination of elements until you find one that’s suitable for you.

It is best to confirm these changes before the building begins so you don’t need to pay extra for alterations later. Make sure all such changes are recorded in the final design.

Are your finances in order?

And it’s not only about your savings and credit score. While it is true that many builders would shy away from a less-than-impressive credit history, a few would go the extra mile to help you get pre-qualified for mortgages. They often have a preferred lender and help manage your mortgage requirements smoothly. In addition, they have in-house consultants who streamline pre-construction steps like surveying of your lot (if you already possess one) and obtaining permits. If you don’t have a location, ask your builder for inputs on site selection.

Can you visit the actual construction site?

To minimize the mishaps of your home ending up quite differently from the one you paid for, it’s important to visit the construction site regularly. Ask your builder for dates. Seeing the house coming together right in front of your eyes is a sight to remember. And while you are at it, check out if the construction is consistent with the specifics of the plan. This is also the time to let your builder know of variations.

This is an excellent time to ask for wiring, roofing, plumbing, and drywall details. Make sure the exterior structure is built according to the plan. Also check the quality of fixtures and HVAC. Always be in touch with your point of contact throughout the construction phase and beyond that, after you’ve moved in.

Can you monitor the stages of construction from home?

Site visits are not the only ways of following the various phases of home building. Make sure your contractor has a dedicated portal with a complete detail of your home – preferences, timeframe and stages, date of final delivery and photos of everything. You must be able to access every aspect of the building from offline and maintain a transparent communication with your Project Manager though mails, calls or texts.

Is your Purchase Agreement ready?

When you are satisfied with the floor plan, location and accessibility of the house, it is time to put a ring on it. A down-payment that is. A token amount is usually needed to finalize the deal with your builder. This also helps you stick to your budget irrespective of market fluctuations. So make sure all the specifications are just right. This piece of document is important for getting a loan approved for the house.

Does your builder provide a final walk-through?

A final tour of the house is essential before you gain possession and move in. This is the time to ask your builder about all the installations in the house and how they function together as a unit. At this point, you should ask your builder about the maintenance and upkeep of your property. They would also inform you how to safeguard the warranty on fixtures and structures and how you can maximize the energy efficiency of the house.

A final walk-through is your final chance to find out if all the conditions of the construction agreement have been met.

What happens at the closing?

Your house is ready for possession. Ideally at this stage, your builder should hand over the keys, along with the possessions document to you and collect from you the balance payment on the property. You may be invited to the builder’s office for this purpose.

Now that you have this handy checklist, it’s time to begin house-hunting. The thing to remember is that there is no perfect house but any house can be perfected to your preferences and budget if you work with the right builder.

To get on with your dream home construction, get in touch with us today.

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