Why It’s A Good Idea To Buy A New House In Mcallen, Tx

Are you looking for a new home in southern Texas with excellent living conditions and a pleasant climate? Let us tell you that you should start looking at McAllen.

McAllen is the largest city in the Hidalgo County of Texas, located very close to the US- Mexico border. It is a unique city with a long history and close connections with the Mexican city of Reynosa, serving as a major tourist, cultural and commercial center in the region. Here are some reasons you need to consider making this City of Palms your home.

Perfect For First-Time Home Buyers

First-time home buyers tend to look for a house that they can finally call their own in their limited budget and can have better price appreciation. According to Zillow, the median value of homes for sale in McAllen is around $153,165, with a predicted increase of 7.9% for next year. Which is comparatively cheaper, given the quality of life and essential amenities available in McAllen.

The properties in McAllen are also experiencing a steady rise in value appreciation, with a total appreciation of 65.80% in the last 20 years with an average annual rate of 2.50%. All the real estate data points to McAllen being a hot growing location that would be perfect for a first-time buyer

McAllen has got some of the best schools in all of South Texas and has quality educational institutions at all levels. The healthcare system and all the necessary facilities are well kept and continue to get better.

Raising a family in McAllen will be a delightful adventure as it has safe and friendly neighborhoods.


McAllen has been consistently ranked as one of the top safest cities in the whole of Texas by the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Annual crime report and the FBI’s annual reports. Despite its growing population that counts to about 143,268, there were zero murders reported in the year 2018.

Booming Commerce And Trade Center

There are just so many opportunities for growth and business at McAllen. It has been ranked as the 10th biggest boomtown in America. It is well connected with highways, provides mass transit public transportation services, houses an international airport and a downtown bus terminal. The average commute time around the city is around 20 minutes due to the satisfactory transport services available.

McAllen maintains close trade relations with the nearby Mexican city Reynosa and is the first inland foreign-trade zone in the country. It has several sanctions and provisions under the foreign trade zone (FTZ) designations and thus provides better facilities for manufacturing industries.

There are around 40 shopping centers, and the retail business in McAllen is quite huge, essentially driving the economy to greater heights every year.

Better Quality Of Life At Low Cost

McAllen is a booming city with all the necessary facilities, amenities, and infrastructure support, all coming at an affordable cost. The average cost of a McAllen home was considered to be the third least expensive as of 2012. The cost of living is estimated to be around 16.2% cheaper than the national average. It also has low property taxes.

And the best part of living in McAllen is that despite the low cost of living, it has a comparatively high quality of life. It is ranked as the third best city to live in based on US News and World Report, which took several factors like crime rate, health care availability, quality of education, average commute time, and the job market into consideration.

It is a vibrant metro area with a very low cost of living as people in McAllen are spending way less than the national median sale price on home purchases, food, transportation, and healthcare.

Vibrant And Happening City

McAllen is no boring suburb that takes hours to get some entertainment. Fun things are always by your reach. The city is filled with several recreational and cultural centers like movie theaters, new businesses, and tourist destinations that attract people from the nearby Rio Grande Valley. New structures like the McAllen Performing Arts Center and the McAllen Convention Center are few more reasons to stay put at your McAllen home and get easy access to world-class acts.

The subtropical climate is pleasant and provides ample time for you to enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. There are many sports and recreational centers like the Daffodil Park, State Farm Arena, and more that will keep your days fun and nights bright.

The annual festivals and events like the Palmfest International Folklife celebration, parades, the outdoor artisan market, and the annual sports events are all some exceptional events that make McAllen all the more lovable and enjoyable.

McAllen has got it all. Exceptional weather throughout the year, a bustling economy, excellent schools, healthcare, mass transit, entertainment centers, quality infrastructure, and best of all – a very low cost of living.

So, wait more, and get started with your house hunting journey. If you need any help or are feeling too overwhelmed with the task, we are here to help. Contact us now.

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