Why It’s A Good Idea To Buy A New House In Sharyland, TX

When it comes time to buy a home in the RGV, you have a number of safe, attractive, and family-friendly areas from which to choose. One of these areas is Sharyland. A tiny town located within the McAllen-Edinburg-Mission area and overflowing with the safety, affordability, and appeal you need in your new place, Sharyland is a desirable spot for homebuyers. Here are a few reasons it is a good idea to buy a new house in Sharyland, TX.

Sharyland has a strong educational system.

One of the most important features of any location for home buying families is the quality of the schools near their new place. Families purchasing homes in Sharyland can buy with the confidence that their new home also gives them access to a superior school system within the RGV.

The Sharyland ISD consists of 12 schools, including 8 elementary schools, 2 junior high schools, and 2 high schools. The district’s performance makes it one of the area’s most desirable school districts.

All of the elementary schools have an A or B rating, and the district as a whole is ranked the 7th best place to teach in Texas, the 21st best district in Texas in quality of teachers, and the 22nd best district in Texas for athletes. With an average graduation rate of 98 percent, this school district promises a high-quality education for all students.

Sharyland is a safe community.

Home should be a safe place where you can live and relax in confidence. In Sharyland, the surrounding areas of Mission and McAllen, safety is a priority, and these towns are known for their peaceful and secure neighborhoods.

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In Mission, for example, the crime rate is 28 percent lower than the national average, and the violent crime rate is an extraordinary 60 percent lower than the national average. McAllen’s crime rate is also impressively low: 14 percent lower than the national average, and a violent crime rate that is a whopping 78 percent lower than the national average.

Buying a house in Sharyland means purchasing a residence in one of the safest places in the nation, where you can enjoy quiet, rewarding family life without fear that you will be the victim of a crime.

Sharyland is close to amenities.

Location counts for quite a bit when choosing a place to buy a new home, and Sharyland is very well situated. Near Mission and McAllen, Sharyland provides immediate access to the shopping, dining, and entertainment available in these desirable RGV locations. Discover all of the following within a short drive from Sharyland:

  • Mouth-watering BBQ and other delicious cuisine
  • National Butterfly Center
  • Parks and trails
  • World Birding Center
  • River tours
  • Breweries
  • Malls
  • Museums
  • Performing arts
  • Grocery stores
  • Doctors
  • Libraries

Sharyland has something to offer everyone, making it the perfect place to buy a new house and enjoy a high quality of life.

Sharyland housing is affordable.

Why buy a new house in Sharyland? Because this area is known for low-cost housing that puts beautiful spacious homes within the financial reach of many. The average cost of housing in the area is about half that of the national average, and more than 30 percent less than the average in Texas.

Expect to find beautiful, 3-bedroom homes for less than $200K, and explore more upscale housing that still doesn’t break $300K. If you choose to build in Sharyland with someone like Villa Homes, you can get a luxurious, quality home for a great value per square foot.

Ready to buy a new house in Sharyland, TX? Whether you buy or build, you are sure to find a satisfying life, and a beautiful home, in this hidden gem of the RGV. Contact us today to learn more about getting the perfect home in a great location.

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